Friday, April 24, 2009

Waldo Is At The Buffet

Timbuktu. French cheese. Semi solution. Duck Dodgers. Fishtail. Rush. Peanut. Soap. USB cable. Doorknob. Skydiving. Tropic of Cancer. Gastric Acid. Abdominal workout. Waitress. Arachnid. Curly. Goodyear tires. Best Western. Yugoslavia. Franz Ferdinand. Two. Oak. Francisco Pizarro. Pastry. Substitute teacher. Tiled ceiling. Underwater welding. 800 meter dash. Arthritis. Recall. Guide. Colorado River. Flintstones. Cambrian period. Egyptian cotton. Cinnamon. Keep this coupon. Velvet briefcase liners. Robes. Water balloon.

Monday, April 13, 2009

C'est La Vie

Alo! Zees ees Lafayette. I know, I know, you haz been expecting Snoop Chimp but he ees away for zust a little bit. So he tells me to write for him! I was all saying, "Aucune voie!" but he insisted. Américain stupide. I thought he owned he a newspauper but au contraire it was a blug! I don't evens know what zees ees! Well what do I talk about?? Hmm how do we experience déjà vu? Zat feeling you get when you stop and realize youz have done all zees before! It zeems to happen to me all ze time. Am I sensative to the paranormal structure of the universe at a whole, a force majeure, or ees my life sooo routine I experince ze same zing over and over? I might never really know. Or zometimes I experiance l'esprit de l'escalie (when you think of a smart comment AFTER the fact). Zut alors! I am late! Au revoir!

Thursday, April 2, 2009

April Fools

April Fool's Day is an excuse to lie. Yet, on this day we just get to say we lied. Yes there's also the pranks and stuff but usually people just lie. I hate it. I did it. How far should a person go on April Fool's Day? Who knows?! I'm never doing April Fool's Day ever again. Whew. Ok that was my rant of the day. I'm colorblind by the way. It doesn't mean I can't see color, it just means I get confused with certain colors. It can be inconvenient at times but it's alright. I hate it when people start asking me, "What color is this? What color is that?" Geez it gets old fast people. I think everybody else is colorblind and I'm one of the only normal people. Como no?