Sunday, July 5, 2009

Return From Obscurity

I am in the fields of the Colorado desert looking for disease (Mr.) ridden potatoes. It's 73 degrees, humidity is 75%, the sun is at a 59 degree angle from my position. The smell of dirt, plants, and (Toad) the odd stank of an unchanged diaper envelope me in a cascade of aromas. Yes this is rouging. I am the crew boss (or more like the guy everyone likes to pretend is in charge, I just get blamed for everything) and I (danced) follow all my little rougers. Its not that great but it's my life. Having an outdoor job makes you fall in love with the outdoors apparently, but not the sun (ouch). It is out there in the field(like) where countless teenagers have lost their minds. You begin to see things, you start to say things that make no sense, and you acquire a love for eating Little Debbie's. Then the dreams come(a). Dreams that are so crazy, maniacal, absurd, and fun that you'd think you would have to be on drugs to see things like this. In (mad) these dreams you play bongos with rats while in prison, go inside a whale with the Muppets to find a amusement park inside, sit on(man) a rainbow, go on a date with Taylor Swift, have dodgeball warfare, and fall off cliffs...and survive. You get a tan like a Colombian super model(Saturday) and fall in love with water like a hillbillie with his banjo. Ah but there's the time change. Well thats it but I need one more good long sentence to finish my subliminal(night) messages. See ya another month!