Friday, January 30, 2009

Blogs are Overrated

Well these last few weeks I've been thinking about life. Or the lack thereof. This led me to believe I shouldn't blog anymore. Go check out Blake Jackson's. Never met the dude myself but he might be a cool guy. So here's to the end of blogging, joy, and Utah women. CHEERS!

Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Day of Silence

Alright. So I've been reading my email and this one kid from a small town school in Colorado sent me this weird story. I think his name was....Bob? Bill? Bucky? Brent? Anyway one night he was brushing his teeth in the mirror, looked himself in the eyes, and decided he wasn't gonna talk the next day at school. As soon as that school bell rang he took his vow of silence. 1st hour when his teacher asked him his score on a quiz he walked all the way up to the front of the class and showed her his paper. When she asked him what was wrong he just mouthed the words that he can't talk. Well that got the whole class to start asking him a bunch of annoying questions about why he couldn't talk. Word got around and soon everyone was asking him why he wasn't talking. Several theories ranging from a bet, a curse by his girlfriend, lost tonsils, laryngitis, and broken heart arose to explain his vow of silence. Can't a guy just be quiet anymore? He found it strange why people would ask him why he isn't talking when they KNOW he can't asnswer them!! HE ISN'T TALKING!! idiots.. ANYWAY he got through the day with his handy notebook (Silent Joe) and a few friends. He even took part in a class debate. Without talking of course. Later he informed me about his next experiment. Going through a school day without showing emotion. That'll be a tough one. I wish you luck. Thanks. Anytime.