Monday, September 14, 2009

Shamboozle Me Twice

Yo peeps. Bata manke foshizzle. Every once in a while a boy gets a creepy girl who has no known idea who he is to like him and thus begins one long awkward day. You avoid eye contact and climb up walls to make sure you're never seen or will never have to Shudder. Then there's the other end of the spectrum when you're the creepy guy and she's the one that puts up with you only because you're in her class and she would like your answers. Well that's too bad! You'll never get the answers! Not that I would know about this creepy boy or anything. Yeah. Alas, in the end all our efforts are pathetic wisps of smoke in a fan factory that will soon be forgotten. So I say keep your eyes up Bertha for if you don't you'll hit your head on a bar and then you'd need an ice cube which could have been better spent in a watermelon slushy from Sonic. Jerk. Why is it that all my art teachers think I'm special ed? Is it because I do upside down buildings when everyone else makes wonderful city scapes? Creative freedom teacher. Well just remember that I Am the Walrus! Emeni.