Sunday, December 28, 2008

Cabbage Patch Kids Are Creepy

Okay, so I know only about three people (tops) read my blog but have you ever asked yourself WHY you read it?? I mean what's the point anyway? I wouldn't read it if I were you. But if I was you then you'd be me so I can't stop you from reading it no matter who I am. Okay moving on with my rambling ,umm, oh I know what to say!! So I was recently sitting in front of a large group of people and when someone would yawn I, for some reason, would yawn too. So I sat there yawning 50 times and I didn't even know why. Why does that happenen anyway? First person to answer wins some French Toast.

Thursday, December 18, 2008

85% of All Statistics (and Facts) Are Made Up On The Spot

  • There are 300,00 different types of cookies.
  • There are 6 unknown types of belly buttons yet to be discovered
  • Jell-O is 55% sugar, 30% water, 10% food coloring, 4% horse leg, and 1% happiness
  • The United States spends $200,000 on making candles out of recycled shoes
  • Spherical bacteria are called cocci
  • Vikings use to hunt Loch Ness monsters on Easter ( that's why they're endangered )
  • Penguins DON'T have knees
Okay so DO NOT take any of these facts seriously as I made them up on the spot. Well the bacteria one is true to the best of my knowledge but you never know :] .

Saturday, December 13, 2008

I Could Tell You Why I'm Writing This But Then I'd Have To Kill You :]

Ru-roh. This is mine. My blog. My guru Boshaba told me this would help me become happy and find my inner soul. Or was it the Lucky Charms cereal box? Either way I'm writing one. Well what do you say in these blogs? Uuuuuuum..... I go by the name Snoop Chimp. No realtion to the Snoop Dog. Well I have nothing left to say so this is usually where somebody else would stop. I'm not gonna stop though :] . No, I'm just gonna keep typing and you have no choice but to read it because you're hooked and want to find out what else I have to say. By now you've wasted about 5 seconds of your life reading about absolutley nothing. Welcome to my world. Ok but seriously I have to stop before the government finds out where I'm typing this from and takes me to Syria to forever suck Jell-O through a straw. Later!