Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Never Trust A Telecom

Today when I woke up I was a ninja. I popped out of bed did a few quick kicks to the jugular of my enemies and finished off with a clean judo chop to open my box of cereal. It was gonna be a good day.
Armed with my trusty charmed tiki man to aid me in luck I quickly rode my green dragon of 12 Horse Powers to the wisdom well and studied the great book of ninjas past. Soon after I was off to the great and evil sanctuary of high nosed, evil snuh snuh blehchook. Sometimes referred to as school in other tongues. I quickly succumbed to the smell of stale paper and unwashed ear hair. A lesser man would have cried, " I GIVE UP!" Ho oh but not this ninja. He faced all masters with a twitch on his eye and shoes on his appendages.

But that was the past. Now I'm a rapper.
This ain't rocket science
We form a bad alliance
So shut up, get out
you great fat lout
I'm the big papa
I'm the noise stoppa
listen well to me
and soon you'll see
that I'm bad
the best you eva had

Sunday, October 11, 2009

Bountiful Rhapsody

They call me Brett Jackin
I got what you're lackin
People see me and their jaws go a slackin
Booms remind me of back in
that room with the cement floor
where I'd leave my happy face by the door
when together we'd go to the store
that was love but I don't have that anymore
watch me change through evolution
my ideas will begin a revolution
an island with my own constitution
to get away from this institution
get away from your greed
always taking more than you need
clean these streets with your white steed
to destruction you will lead
while I blow some bubbles
each one with it's respected doubles
each one floating is like my troubles
POP! and I'm free :]

Monday, October 5, 2009


I love...
falling through my dreams
basking in the warm sun beams
doin' a prank, tellin' a joke
drinkin' pop till I choke
knowing that summer is the best
realizing life is just a test
getting drenched in the rain
musing deep within my brain
teasing family with a shove
these are the things that
...I love